Monday, October 31, 2016

Mysore Diaries 2016


And then it arrives. The day of an odyssey I was either anticipating to happen or wishing I had more time to ready myself for. The anticipation came from a thought planted in my head from practicing almost everyday (not necessarily Ashtanga) and imagining the same setting in a class steep in the tradition of the lineage practicing under the authority himself, dreaming of how that experience might feel. The mixed feelings came from sustaining physical afflictions for the past year, thinking that it will go away so I can come to Mysore as fit as a horse. But no such luck. After doing some self reflection, I realised that it wasn't the physical afflictions I was struggling with, it was far beyond it. It was the self-conceited fear of not being able to do something that got me.

The deeper I looked, the more it didn't make sense. How amazing just how the thought alone have brought me further into this whole voyage. I know this time round will be different than the last time with Guruji Patthabi Jois himself and as much as I am thrill about my practice under the baton of his grandson, Paramaguru Sharath Rangaswamy, I am more than anything looking forward for my time alone, immersing in the yogic escapade, self-reflecting, non-expecting, back to being a student again. Just accepting where I am, and realising why I am here. Surrendering myself to the practice and engaging to my mantra that NOTHING NEEDS TO BE ANYTHING....

Arriving at the airport with my 2 sisters Ruby and Lyn already conjured so much emotions than I could bear but somehow managed to contain it. Be that as it may, my joy of taking on this Ashtanga 'pilgrimage' was greater than any other emotions, blessed for having my sisters sent me off, traveling with 2 of my wonderful students on board to Bangalore, practicing with a great friend and student, and just being in Incredible India.

Not long after I arrived in Bangalore, I found myself with a driver whom I thought had one of his bucket list items checked, to drive like an F1 screamer for most of the entire 200km from Bengaluru (Bangalore) airport to Gokulam, Mysore! Nonetheless, Visnu (driver's name) did take the time, to my horror though because he was looking back to explain the sights to me while driving at 100 km/h. And shortly after the streets started to rekindle my memories from my past journey here, I arrived at the Good Touch guesthouse in ONE PIECE. Phew...

The room I got was a far cry from that little concrete penthouse hut I got the last time I stayed in Lakshmipuram. But the warm welcome of the people in Mysore didn't change nor lose its touch on bit.

I knew I was going to enjoy this stay for the next 30 days. The rest of the day was spent with Sabrina who were so kind to take me around and check out the places to eat and hang out.
When I walked in to register with Sharath, I realised that I have been there, it wasn't in Lakshmipuram where I had practiced before. IT WAS HERE!! Its all making memories come back!

Okay folks, till the next time. Its now 6.21am, Halloween and DIVALI 2016. I am going to enjoy the morning from the roof and have breakfast with friends.


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